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Finding a solution to improve nursing home care

Advocates and researchers say these are the eight key solutions Pennsylvania could undertake to protect the elderly from dangerous care.

By Daniel Simmons-Ritchie/PennLive

Profits over patients: Advocates say there’s a reason bad nursing homes don’t improve

The nursing home industry has argued the reason struggling nursing homes don’t improve under new owners has little to do with oversight. Instead, they said, it’s evidence of a different problem: state governments don’t provide enough funding.

By Daniel Simmons-Ritchie/PennLive

‘It was so horrific’: Family says poor nursing home care led to woman’s death

Rick Mantheiy, like many people, had never been eager to place his parents in a nursing home. But in 2017, his family ran out of options.

By Daniel Simmons-Ritchie/PennLive