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Josh Shapiro’s alternative to a key climate program comes with one major catch: It needs GOP support

Can Gov. Josh Shapiro satisfy environmentalists and the GOP on climate change? With a proposed carbon cap-and-trade program, he’s trying.
By Kate Huangpu/Spotlight PA

Josh Shapiro proposes state climate program to replace RGGI, and asks for new renewable energy goals

Shapiro estimates the proposals would save ratepayers $250 million over five years and create 14,500 jobs.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Top stories of 2023: RGGI struck down by court, appeal pending

The saga of Pennsylvania trying to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is stretching into a fifth year.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

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Updated: November 21, 2023 | 4:56 pm

Shapiro to appeal court decision that stopped Pa. from joining climate program

Gov. Shapiro isn’t committing to Pennsylvania joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, but wants to maintain executive authority in light of a recent court ruling.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Updated: November 1, 2023 | 8:07 pm

Pa. court rules climate program is an illegal tax, says state cannot join RGGI

Commonwealth Court said the Department of Environmental Protection did not have the constitutional authority to collect revenue from the program.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Josh Shapiro isn’t sold on a key climate program, and his working group isn’t either. What’s next for RGGI?

A group appointed by Gov. Josh Shapiro believes a cap-and-trade program would help meet his ambitious climate goals, although the members lacked consensus on how best to move forward.

By Kate Huangpu/Spotlight PA

Group’s report brings no consensus on RGGI, but supporters and opponents both take validation

Supporters and opponents of RGGI had different takeaways from the working group’s memo.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Pa. participation in RGGI has been held up for more than a year. What has the state lost?

The money could have been put toward addressing climate change in the state by boosting clean energy programs.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania