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Philadelphia proposes banning hydrofluoric acid, toxic chemical in refinery explosion

The proposal stems from last summer’s explosion at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in South Philadelphia.
By Susan Phillips/StateImpact Pennsylvania

High levels of cancer-causing gas recorded at PES refinery in May, report reveals

“Within the community, we never found levels of benzene high enough to indicate a threat to human health."
By Catalina Jaramillo/WHYY

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Six months after the fire, both ex-refinery workers and PES struggle to find new lives

Many former employees of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery had to switch careers. A considerable number remain unemployed.

By Catalina Jaramillo/WHYY

Philadelphia’s report on refinery site: A cleaner use, while desirable, isn’t likely in the short term

But the document also stipulates the city has limited control over the future of the complex. 
By Catalina Jaramillo/WHYY

Former Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery CEO Rinaldi says he wants to make renewable fuels at the complex

“The goal is to own it, revitalize the refineries, and to kind of make this site the sort of industrial jewel that it really ought to be here in the area.”
By Catalina Jaramillo/WHYY