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Jails fail to accommodate people with mental illness. In some cases, it’s a civil rights violation.

Conditions in some corrections facilities are a a moral failure that also costs taxpayers millions.

By Brett Sholtis

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Pennsylvania prisoners are giving their own money to families impacted by gun violence

A group of Pennsylvania prisoners, many of them serving life sentences for gun crimes, is pooling together their own funds to help Philadelphia families who lose a child to gun violence.

By Sammy Caiola/WHYY

In Pa. county jails, people with mental illness are routinely met with pepper spray and stun guns

A WITF investigation finds that Pennsylvania county corrections officers use physical force on people who may be unable to comply with orders due to a mental health condition.

By Brett Sholtis

Philadelphia apologizes for experiments on Black inmates from the 1950s through the 1970s

The city allowed University of Pennsylvania researcher Dr. Albert Kligman to conduct the dermatological, biochemical and pharmaceutical experiments.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania state lawmakers want to improve conditions for women in prison

A proposal that’s moving forward in the state legislature aims to make conditions a little better for pregnant women in Pennsylvania’s jails and prisons.

By Sam Dunklau

New details emerge on death of man held in Dauphin County Prison

Questions surround the death of an inmate in Dauphin County Prison.

By Joshua Vaughn/PennLive