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Pa. reformed ‘prison gerrymandering,’ but it likely won’t matter in congressional maps

How should Pennsylvania count incarcerated people in state prisons for redistricting purposes?

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Pa. commission votes to scale back ‘prison gerrymandering’ reform made last month

The commission voted to narrow the number of state prisoners it will count as residents of their home district, rather than the one where they’re locked up.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

ACLU-PA sues Montgomery County for blocking attorney-client meetings in county jail

The federal lawsuit accuses officials at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility of barring ACLU lawyers from meeting with their clients in the prison in Eagleville.

By Kenny Cooper/WHYY

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Pa. prisons don’t always tell families when inmates are sick. Officials are defending that policy.

The department says it can only release medical details to emergency contacts, but critics contend it’s not doing enough to notify inmates of the need to update those authorizations.
By Joseph Darius Jaafari/Spotlight PA

State prison in Forest County sees outbreak of COVID-19 cases

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections confirmed the outbreak of cases at the State Correctional Insitution Forest, which is located in Marienville.

By Anne Danahy

An inmate died of the coronavirus, but Pa. corrections never told his family

State corrections officials say they are following the law in protecting medical information, but family members and advocates contend they could do more when inmates get sick or die.

By Joseph Darius Jaafari/Spotlight PA

COVID-19’s fall surge hitting Pennsylvania prisons too

To date, 23 prisoners have died from COVID-19 in nine of Pennsylvania’s correctional facilities.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY

Serious COVID-19 outbreak threatens hundreds at Pa. prison for medically vulnerable

In the Capitol, both Democrats and Republicans are calling for the release of ill and geriatric prisoners, but advocates fear it might already be too late.

By Joseph Darius Jaafari/Spotlight PA