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Dauphin County jail cells were ‘ice cold’ days before a prisoner died

Prisoner advocates say Dauphin County Prison’s heating and cooling system has been a problem for years.

By Brett Sholtis

Despite high vaccination rates among Pa. prisoners, some COVID restrictions remain in place

Incarcerated people and their advocates are asking the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to reconsider COVID-19 restrictions that affect quality of life.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

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Bucks County, prison guards sued for pepper spraying, restraining woman with mental illness

A Yardley couple is suing Bucks County and 10 county jail employees over what they allege were civil rights violations against their daughter, 29-year-old Kim Stringer.  

By Brett Sholtis

To successfully use Pennsylvania’s ‘compassionate release’ law, he had to choose to die

A late-stage cancer diagnosis left Bradford Gamble with a difficult decision: Receive treatment in a Pennsylvania state prison or die on the outside.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania’s broken ‘compassionate release’ law, by the numbers

Pennsylvania’s narrow criteria for “compassionate release” has resulted in only 31 people successfully making use of the program in 13 years.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Broken ‘compassionate release’ rules strand Pennsylvania’s sickest prisoners as costs to taxpayers soar

There is bipartisan agreement that it’s too hard for people serving life in prison to get out when they are aging and ailing. But two proposals to change that face an uncertain future.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

New program designed to help pregnant people in Pennsylvania state prison

Incarcerated women are more likely to experience illness and disease than those on the outside. And pregnant inmates are particularly vulnerable, often with less access to prenatal care.

By Kiley Koscinski/WESA

New program aims at keeping ex-inmates out of prison

A new, intensive state program aims to help former inmates stay out of prison launched last week in Lackawanna County area but may go statewide.

By The Associated Press