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Will Tom and Sophia Find Their Happily Ever After?

Tom’s letter to Lady Bellaston threatens his prospects with Sophia, then a swordfight lands him in deeper trouble.

By Christina Zeiders

Marie Antoinette Frolics with Her Friends in Rebel Queen

Louis may now be King, but Marie Antoinette is determined to launch her reign as the Queen of France.

By Christina Zeiders

Call The Midwife, Sanditon and Marie Antoinette Premiere this Sunday

Three dramas to chase away the Sunday scaries! Watch the premieres on March 19 starting at 8pm!

By Christina Zeiders

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All Creatures Great and Small: Merry Bloody Christmas

This Christmas, Siegfried must decide whether to protect Tristan or his patient, River. Mrs. Hall faces her feelings for Gerald.

By Christina Zeiders

All Creatures Great and Small: What A Balls Up!

Is romance in the air for Audrey and Tristan?

By Christina Zeiders

Double Feature: Season 2 of “All Creatures Great and Small”

Watch the double feature of #AllCreaturesPBS on Sunday, December 18 at 8pm on WITF TV, or stream season 2 for free until Christmas using the PBS Video app.

By Christina Zeiders

“All Creatures Great and Small” Season 2 Sundays Continue

After you watch, listen to Postscript! Listen wherever you get your podcasts:

By Christina Zeiders