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Study: Police behind on adopting new use-of-force rules

The Bucks County branch of the NAACP spent three years examining the policies of the 39 police departments in the area. What their findings say about policing oversight in Pennsylvania.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Updated: 2022-10-31 18:27:00

Missing traffic stop data from Pa. State Police undercut 2021 analysis for racial disparities

More than 85% of Pennsylvania State Police stations failed to collect demographic data for all traffic stops last year.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Updated: 2022-02-23 16:31:00

Police union sues over Philadelphia ban on low-level stops

The Philadelphia Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate a city law banning officers from pulling over drivers for low-level offenses, saying the law illegally preempts existing state laws on traffic violations.

By Claudia Lauer/The Associated Press

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Mayor Ed Gainey promised police changes, but Pittsburghers differ over way forward

Since being elected mayor, he has proceeded cautiously.

By Ariel Worthy/WESA

Pittsburgh City Councilor proposes ‘stop and frisk’ reforms for Pittsburgh Police

Pittsburgh could reform its police department’s stop and frisk to include using their body cameras to document their reason for a stop, notifying dispatch in advance, or any other method the police chief allows.

By Ariel Worthy/WESA

Citizen commission hands down seven ideas to change state police practices

They include keeping troopers from joining militia groups and giving people more opportunities to file bias complaints.

By Sam Dunklau

Citizen group is set to begin reviewing State Police use-of-force and racial bias incidents

The formation of three committees within the still-new Citizen Advisory Commission comes more than a year after Gov. Tom Wolf pledged to use them to “promote transparency, fairness, and accountability” among state law enforcement.

By Sam Dunklau