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Updated: 2021-09-08 14:58:19

Pittsburgh Public Schools superintendent resigns amid ethics controversy, transportation fallout

A recent report from the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission faulted Anthony Hamlet for problems that include his handling of travel reimbursements.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA

Pittsburgh suspends fewer young students after suspension ban, but racial disparities remain

While suspensions drastically decreased in kindergarten through 2nd grace, the report found, schools were still suspending students for nonviolent offenses even after the ban was put in place.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA

Pittsburgh school board to consider comprehensive school arrest data analysis

The board is expected to vote on a resolution to “re-think” school safety.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA

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Two Pittsburgh Public Schools board directors want to reduce school police and rethink safety

The administration has for months been working on a memorandum of understanding outlining its relationship with the City of Pittsburgh police department, which is required by law.  

By Sarah Schneider/WESA

‘They have slowly poisoned the public school system’ — school board calls for charter funding overhaul

Currently, publicly funded charter schools operate independent from the city school district and receive a student’s tuition money from the student’s home district.
By Sarah Boden/WESA

Pittsburgh school district raises property taxes, cuts costs, dips into savings for 2020 budget

Real estate taxes are going up for residents of the Pittsburgh Public Schools district, but more must be done  to ensure the district’s long-term fiscal health. 

By Sarah Boden/WESA

Pittsburgh Public Schools board pauses meeting after voting down property tax increase

The Pittsburgh Public Schools board approved a $665.6 million budget. But in a separate vote, the property tax increase failed.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA

Pittsburgh Public Schools weighs property tax increase to help make up for budget shortfall

The Pittsburgh Public Schools administration has recommended the board increase its property tax rate as the district faces an operating deficit of $27.3 million.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA

In Pittsburgh budget address, mayor says school district should be in state oversight

Oversight of a school district requires proof of financial distress and legislation. Pittsburgh Public Schools isn’t currently on the state’s watch list.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA and Ariel Worthy/WESA

Annual report highlights persistent gaps and success stories in Pittsburgh Public Schools

Academic achievement gaps are persistent in Pittsburgh Public Schools, according to an annual report released Monday by education advocacy group A+ Schools.

By Sarah Schneider/WESA