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Off-duty police officers accused of assault in Philadelphia

Authorities said Thursday that Inspector James Smith and former Detective Patrick Smith were off duty and in a car when they confronted a 27-year-old pedestrian in a shopping center parking lot in August. The victim suffered a black eye and bruises on his head, arms and legs.

By The Associated Press

Philly civil rights attorneys seek to end stop-and-frisk for ‘quality of life’ offenses

Civil rights attorneys in Philadelphia have asked a federal judge to order the city to halt pedestrian stops for “quality of life” offenses, including littering and panhandling — saying the practice is rife with racial disparities.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY and Ryan Briggs/WHYY

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Retired Philadelphia detective charged for allegedly letting informant raid evidence locker

Sources said former Detective John Logan allegedly allowed an informant who was owed money by the department to take valuable property out of evidence in lieu of payment.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

New independent police oversight commission will have power to investigate misconduct in Philadelphia

If passed, the commission would investigate all citizen complaints filed against officers and the department.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY

Philadelphia police commissioner defends protest response

Critics and protesters have denounced the city’s use of tear gas and other less-than-lethal munitions during at least three incidents.

By Claudia Lauer/The Associated Press

Video of Philly police bashing SUV, driver with batons sparks internal affairs investigation

The incident captured on video happened hours after two officers fatally shot 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. on Monday afternoon, sparking protests against police brutality.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY

Philadelphia puts ban on police chokeholds into law

The restraint bill incorporates bans already contained in the police department’s conduct rules into law.

By Claudia Lauer/The Associated Press

South Philly police captain removed after Columbus statue protests, amid larger shakeup

PPD Capt. Louis Campione was caught on camera arguing with a man taping the protests and drew criticism over other videos showing a group of armed neighbors assaulting protestors.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY and Max Marin/WHYY