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tag | period drama

WITF Passport: World on Fire

Refresh your memory with a binge of Season 1 before Season 2 premieres October 15!
By Aimee Bealer

Passport Binge: Emma

Grab some popcorn and watch the 4-episode mini-series with WITF Passport!
By Aimee Bealer

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All Creatures Great and Small: Season 3 Marathon

Watch the season 3 “All Creatures Great and Small” marathon on June 4 from 1-9pm!

By Christina Zeiders

More Time to Stream: Jamestown, Seasons 1-3

Follow the lives of three women in colonial Jamestown.

By Christina Zeiders

The Romantic Tension Builds on “Tom Jones”

Tom is banished and Sophia flees.

By Christina Zeiders

WITF Passport Binge: Tom Jones

Two lovers follow their hearts in a new adaptation of Henry Fielding’s novel.

By Christina Zeiders

Seaside Hotel Season 6 Premieres on WITF TV

World War II looms over Europe, but the regulars have returned to the Seaside.

By Christina Zeiders

Marie Antoinette Frolics with Her Friends in Rebel Queen

Louis may now be King, but Marie Antoinette is determined to launch her reign as the Queen of France.

By Christina Zeiders