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Superior Court Judge Deborah Kunselman to run for open seat on Pennsylvania high court

The seven-seat high court currently has a majority of four justices elected as Democrats.

By The Associated Press

What the Pa. Supreme Court’s undated ballots order means for the midterms – and beyond

Legal observers say the question of whether to count mail-in ballots with handwritten dating errors is still open.
By Sam Dunklau

Why are undated mail ballots such a big deal in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has been asked to determine whether mail ballots that a voter failed to date should be thrown out or counted on Nov. 8.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

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Pa. Republicans challenging undated mail-in ballots want to win more elections, experts say

Knocking those ballots out of play would help the GOP in competitive races – since Democrats are far more likely to use the state’s vote-by-mail system.
By Sam Dunklau

Chief Justice Max Baer was at the center of some of Pennsylvania’s biggest election cases

Baer was instrumental in deciding a number of key voting rights and election cases that came before the high court.
By Sam Dunklau

Max Baer, Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s chief justice, dies

Baer died overnight Friday at his home near Pittsburgh

By Ed Arke

Updated: September 22, 2022 | 5:50 pm

Abortion, reproductive health takes center stage at the Pennsylvania Capitol

Anti-abortion activists gathered to rally for more restrictions to the procedure this week. The Wolf administration and a few Democrats pushed back by pointing out abortion is still legal.
By Sam Dunklau

Pennsylvania Supreme Court tells Tom Wolf it won’t fast track amendments lawsuit

Pennsylvania’s highest court has rejected a request from Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf to immediately take up his challenge to Republican legislation that has bundled a constitutional amendment regarding abortion with four unrelated proposed changes.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania Supreme Court weighs future of state’s popular mail voting law

The fate of Pennsylvania’s popular vote-by-mail law now lies in the hands of the state’s highest court,

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA