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Democrats in Pennsylvania want to keep a Supreme Court majority. They’re talking up abortion rights

Democrats in Pennsylvania now hope to harness the same voter enthusiasm for protecting abortion rights that has already helped their side to a string of high-profile election victories.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

Pennslvania election results: Carluccio, McCaffery win Supreme Court primary, will advance to November general

The Pennsylvania Judicial Center in Harrisburg, near the state Capitol building.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Pa. primary election 2023: Supreme Court candidates with party backing show fundraising advantage

The PA Supreme Court candidates running in the 2023 primary election have raised $365,000 from wealthy donors, their own bank accounts, and more.
By Kate Huangpu/Spotlight PA and Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA

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Pa. GOP impeachment managers look to revive Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s Senate trial

A pair of Pa. House Republicans spearheading the effort have appealed a court decision that halted the trial.
By Sam Dunklau

Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd officially takes reins as Pennsylvania’s first female chief justice

The daughter of a steelworker who grew up in Ellwood City, Todd has been serving for months as the first woman to be the court’s top-ranking jurist.

By The Associated Press

Superior Court Judge Deborah Kunselman to run for open seat on Pennsylvania high court

The seven-seat high court currently has a majority of four justices elected as Democrats.

By The Associated Press

What the Pa. Supreme Court’s undated ballots order means for the midterms – and beyond

Legal observers say the question of whether to count mail-in ballots with handwritten dating errors is still open.
By Sam Dunklau

Why are undated mail ballots such a big deal in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has been asked to determine whether mail ballots that a voter failed to date should be thrown out or counted on Nov. 8.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Pa. Republicans challenging undated mail-in ballots want to win more elections, experts say

Knocking those ballots out of play would help the GOP in competitive races – since Democrats are far more likely to use the state’s vote-by-mail system.
By Sam Dunklau

Chief Justice Max Baer was at the center of some of Pennsylvania’s biggest election cases

Baer was instrumental in deciding a number of key voting rights and election cases that came before the high court.
By Sam Dunklau