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How are Pennsylvania schools honoring Black history and working to diversify the educator workforce?

February is Black History Month and, on The Spark, Tuesday we discussed Pennsylvania’s education system, how Pennsylvania educators are honoring Black history, and efforts to make the educator workforce more diverse within the state.

By Aniya Faulcon

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School violence is a growing concern, here’s some ways to resolve it

Joey Melvin, Director of Center for Safe Schools, said school violence is everything from an assault to a school shooting, serious injury, or death that was caused by a someone or multiple people. He also said, that the high impact school violence events are extremely low frequency but may be taking place because of what’s taking place in the school’s community, peer pressure, mental health issues, and more.

By Aniya Faulcon

Why are book bans taking place?

Book challenges in America aren’t new — but over the past year, they’ve reached a peak. In particular, Pennsylvania is second on a PEN America’s list of states with the highest number of banned books. In Pennsylvania, there are 456 bans across nine districts and the school district with the most bans across the nation can be found in the state as well.

By Aniya Faulcon

State issues new guidance for schools as many close due to mounting COVID-19 cases

In the updated recommendations, the administration is requiring schools in areas with substantial spread to sign an attestation form confirming they will move to remote instruction or comply with the state’s orders for conducting in-person instruction.

By Julia Agos/WITF

Reopening schools is easy. Keeping them open is harder

Districts consider mix of in-person and remote learning
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA