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Spotlight PA court victory leads to new academic research into Pa. medical marijuana program

In February 2023, the Pennsylvania Department of Health shared data that Spotlight PA won access to with academic researchers across the state.
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Court orders Pa. health department to release doctor data for medical marijuana certifications

The data could help identify outliers who might be bending or breaking Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law.
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

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Pa. Department of Health sues to keep medical marijuana program data secret

Patients need a doctor’s permission to get a medical cannabis card in Pa. But data on those approvals remain secret.
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Commonwealth Court orders Pa.’s health department to release information on medical marijuana program

For more than a year, the Department of Health has fought to block Spotlight PA’s request for information. Judges rejected the agency’s arguments calling one claim “undeveloped.”
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Penn State reports its first case of monkeypox

A student at Penn State University Park has tested positive for the school’s first confirmed case of monkeypox,

By Emily Reddy/WPSU