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Colorful leaves are popping in Pennsylvania

Leaf-peeping is a growing trend in the state
By Scott LaMar/WITF

Pennsylvania looks to improve its outdoor recreation workforce opportunities

Outdoor recreation workers are making about 57 percent of the wages of an average Pennsylvania worker

By Ed Arke/WITF

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Pa. recreation, conservation projects get $90 million boost

 Pennsylvania is putting $90 million dollars into more than 330 parks and nature conservation projects across the state.

By Hayden Mitman/WLVR

Outdoor recreation in Pennsylvania is serious business

One of the bright spots of the COVID-19 pandemic is that more Pennsylvanians went outdoors for recreation

By Scott LaMar/WITF

America Outdoors: Minnesota: A Better World

In the finale, Baratunde travels to one of the last places where you can hike or paddle into the remote wilderness. He meets with enthusiastic birders and harvesters of wild rice to hear why wilderness means so much to them.

By Christina Zeiders

America Outdoors: Tidewater: Homecoming

Baratunde explores a swamp, soars above the dunes on a Wright Brothers glider and tracks wild horses on the beach in North Carolina.

By Christina Zeiders

America Outdoors: From L.A. Surfers to Appalachian Beekeepers

Baratunde meets a record-breaking hiker, former coal miners who now raise bees, and activists who want to make the outdoors more accessible.

By Christina Zeiders

The Green Planet: Seasonal Worlds

“The Green Planet” discovers what happens to plants in regions subjected to relentless changes from the four seasons.

By Christina Zeiders

America Outdoors in the Wilds of Idaho

Life on the American frontier is evolving. In Idaho: Tied to the Land, Baratunde ventures into the wilds of Idaho to explore its outdoor culture.

By Christina Zeiders