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Nurses in Pennsylvania waited months to get licenses to work during historic staffing shortage

NPR found Pennsylvania processed LPN applications more slowly than any other state and was among the slowest at issuing RN licenses last year.

By Brett Sholtis

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More than one in four registered nurse positions went vacant, recent survey reports

Widespread medical provider staffing shortages are challenging hospitals’ ability to keep up with demand,

By Brett Sholtis

Traveling nurses fill shortage of RNs for hospitals

Many hospitals are turning to traveling nurses.

By Scott LaMar

With Pa. hospitals desperate for nurses, ‘travelers’ make the best of a bad situation

Stressed out nurses are ditching their jobs for lucrative travel gigs, while overburdened hospitals see record staffing shortages.

By Brett Sholtis

Facing staff shortages, UPMC triples pay for those who join its new travel nursing corps

Registered UPMC travel nurses and surgical techs will make $85 and $63 an hour, respectively.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

What is behind the reports of a nurse shortage?

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses and other healthcare workers were lauded as heroes in the fight and held in high regard.

By Merideth Bucher

‘People called us heroes’: Pa. nurses sound the alarm on unsafe working conditions

They say the relentlessly chaotic conditions are causing career professionals to seek jobs at hospitals with better staffing ratios, or leave the field altogether.
By Nina Feldman/WHYY