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Human Footprint: “The Replacements”

Shane explores the surprising science and unexpected histories of “The Replacements”
By Aimee Bealer

Human Footprint: Top Predator

From Yellowstone to Mozambique, Shane explores our global impact as Earth’s top predator.

By Christina Zeiders

New Six-Part Documentary Series “Human Footprint” Examines How Humans Have Transformed the Planet

Human Footprint is a visually stunning series that explores the impact humans have had on the planet, set to an original score by legendary hip-hop and jazz producer Adrian Younge.

By Staff

NOVA: Hidden Volcano Abyss

Experience one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history
By Christina Zeiders

Watch It Again: Nature’s The Elephant and the Termite

An entire community of creatures calls the waterhole their home.

By Christina Zeiders

Nature: Santa’s Wild Home

Lapland is famous as a realm of elves, flying reindeer and the magical home of Santa Claus, but it’s also a real place with real animals.

By Christina Zeiders

Nature: Woodpeckers: The Hole Story

Filmmaker Ann Johnson Prum pecks away at what makes woodpeckers so unique through the intimate stories of woodpecker families across the world.

By Christina Zeiders