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Pa.’s environmental oversight board dismisses petition to raise key cost for conventional drillers

Last year, the Republican-controlled legislature passed a law freezing bond amounts for conventional wells.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lifts ban on gas production in polluted Dimock

“We got played,” said Ray Kemble, the most outspoken of a small group of Dimock residents who have battled the drilling company and state regulators alike.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

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Drilling legacy left Pa. full of possibly harmful old oil and gas wells. There’s new hope for cleanup to get a jump-start

Pa. estimates there are more than 200,000 abandoned wells. Hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal infrastructure bill could help the state put a dent in plugging them.

By Reid Frazier/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Criminal charges filed against Pennsylvania gas driller head to court

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. was charged in 2020 with violating state environmental laws after a grand jury investigation found the Houston-based driller failed to fix faulty gas wells that had been leaking methane into aquifers in Dimock and surrounding communities for more than a decade.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

Updated: 2021-11-10 14:06:02

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Arkoosh calls for end to fracking in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania gas wells produced about 7.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2020 — the largest volume of natural gas ever produced in the state in a single year.

By Julia Zenkevich/WESA

Study finds drilling wastewater not usually best option for road treatment

The state stopped the practice in 2018, but a measure in the state legislature this year would bring it back for conventional drillers.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Gas drilling firms defeat Pennsylvania’s anti-trust lawsuit

Pennsylvania’s highest court has delivered a victory for natural gas exploration firms, ruling that the state attorney general’s office doesn’t have authority under state law to sue them on anti-trust grounds over their mineral rights-leasing practices.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press