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How anxiety came to dominate the big business of medical marijuana cards in Pennsylvania

An unprecedented Spotlight PA analysis of 1 million medical marijuana certifications reveals how a change by policymakers made it possible for virtually anyone to get a card.
By Ed Mahon

A behind-the-scenes look at Spotlight PA’s analysis of 1 million medical marijuana certifications

The Pennsylvania Department of Health sued Spotlight PA in an attempt to keep data on qualifying conditions secret, but a court ruling in favor of the newsroom forced their release.
By Ed Mahon

Health officials in Pa. face scrutiny over weak oversight of medical marijuana doctors

Echoing findings of a Spotlight PA investigation, an advisory board is questioning the rigor of telemedicine appointments for marijuana cards and advertising by marijuana businesses.
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

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Rare disciplinary case against Pa. doctor offers glimpse into the big business of medical marijuana cards

A patient’s complaint about her virtual appointment through Veriheal has offered a look inside the multimillion dollar certification industry.
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

How we tracked workplace lawsuits involving Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law

A behind-the-scenes look at how Spotlight PA found Pennsylvania workers who were fired or demoted over medical marijuana.
By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania’s flawed medical marijuana program, a complete guide to Spotlight PA’s investigations

The yearlong reporting project has revealed major flaws and inequity in the system, prompting positive change and more calls for reform, but will the state legislature take action?

By Ed Mahon

Pa. law protects workers who are approved for medical marijuana — but once they use it, it’s a different story.

Fired workers and frustrated employers are facing off in court battles over Pennsylvania’s vague safeguards for marijuana patients, and those on both sides are asking for a legislative fix.

By Ed Mahon

Commonwealth Court orders Pa.’s health department to release information on medical marijuana program

For more than a year, the Department of Health has fought to block Spotlight PA’s request for information. Judges rejected the agency’s arguments calling one claim “undeveloped.”
By Ed Mahon

Medical marijuana card company draws scrutiny for using unofficial Pennsylvania doctor listing to attract patients

Doctors said the website highlights a larger problem: medical marijuana companies operate and advertise with impunity, while doctors are silenced.

By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA