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Why Pennsylvania’s health department is taking Spotlight PA to court

How many people in Pennsylvania use medical marijuana for opioid addiction? The Wolf administration is taking Spotlight PA to court for trying to find out.

By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania medical marijuana director says retail prices are not decreasing with wholesale prices

Pennsylvania’s office of medical marijuana director says cannabis dispensaries are failing to pass along cost savings to patients.

By Brett Sholtis

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A Pennsylvania company becomes the first in the US to raise marijuana legally for medical research

Federal law stopped all private-sector companies from selling marijuana for medical research, but a York County-based business said it became the first in the country to bring a cannabis crop to market legally for scientific study.

By An-Li Herring/WESA

Some Pennsylvania cannabis companies use misleading, inaccurate, or dangerous statements to promote marijuana for addiction treatment

As part of a first-of-its-kind review, Spotlight PA investigated claims made on Pennsylvania cannabis companies’ websites and found a wide range of misleading tactics.
By Ed Mahon

New records reveal the cost of Pa.’s failure to clarify rules around addiction treatment and marijuana

For 17 months, medical marijuana users were wrongly denied access to some care and funding options because of the Wolf administration’s inaction.

By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Wolf administration ordered to reveal details of cannabis use as drug addiction treatment

The public could soon know for the first time how many patients use medical marijuana to treat opioid use disorder in Pennsylvania, one of the few states to specifically endorse that treatment option.

By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

How many people in Pa. use cannabis for addiction? The Wolf admin won’t say.

The state Department of Health said it was unable to “share specifics regarding patient use,” despite doing so in the past.

By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Pa. patients swear by cannabis as a tool to fight opioid addiction. The research still isn’t there.

Pennsylvania approved opioid use disorder as a condition that qualifies a person for medical marijuana in 2018, but experts are still conflicted about its use as an addiction treatment.

By Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Health department bears burden of pot application redactions, Pa. Supreme Court rules

Lawyers for the department had argued only the companies submitting the hundreds of pages of required documentation in the applications know what is proprietary or an issue of security.

By The Associated Press