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Flesh and Blood on Masterpiece

Lust, greed, wrath, envy, and pride are just some of the deadly sins that plague a seemingly happy family in a mystery-thriller on Masterpiece this October on WITF.

By Fred Vigeant

Endeavour Returns

By Fred Vigeant

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Grantchester Episode 5

By Fred Vigeant

CANCELED: Preview Screening: World on Fire

By Staff

Sanditon Finale

Events take an unexpected turn at Sanditon’s Midsummer Ball
By Fred Vigeant

Encore The Chaperone

Follow the diffident chaperone to dancer Louise Brooks in this Jazz Age drama from Julian Fellowes.
By Fred Vigeant

Howard’s End Marathon

Follow two independent and unconventional sisters and the men in their lives seeking love and meaning as they navigate an ever-changing world
By Fred Vigeant

Sanditon on Masterpiece

Experience Jane Austen's last, fragmented work
By Fred Vigeant

What the Durrells Did Next

Learn the true story of the secrets, heartbreaks and triumphs of one of TV’s best-loved families.
By Fred Vigeant