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If Pennsylvania senators don’t extend legal time limits for child sexual abuse cases, Gov. Tom Wolf said he’ll call a special session

House lawmakers green-lit a bill that would give survivors another two years to sue their alleged abusers, but it’s been languishing in the Senate.

By Sam Dunklau

Updated: February 6, 2021 | 1:16 pm

House sponsors hope derailed sex abuse survivor rights amendment will get back on track

House Leaders Benninghoff and McClinton said Thursday they will try an emergency amendment process to get the measure before voters in the spring.

By Sam Dunklau

Updated: February 4, 2021 | 9:38 pm

State lawmakers consider fast-track plan for abuse lawsuit window

A proposal to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to give some victims of child sexual abuse a period in which to file otherwise outdated civil lawsuits is getting new life.

By Mark Scolforo/The Associated Press and Marc Levy/The Associated Press

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Newly-signed bills end time limits for child abuse victims to file criminal charges in Pennsylvania

A key part of the package still needs to pass the legislature one more time. The constitutional amendment would allow suits on expired cases for two years.
By Katie Meyer

After years of internal fights, legislature passes statute of limitations overhaul

People abused as children will be able to file criminal suits against their abusers no matter how much time has passed.
By Katie Meyer

Pa. laws keep victims silent, child sex abuse survivors say

The state Senate held a daylong hearing on bills to overhaul the statute of limitations for certain abuse cases. They’ve repeatedly stalled before, and it’s unclear if anything has changed. 
By Katie Meyer

Once again, lawmakers will try to reform Pa.’s sexual abuse laws

"I've been in this House fighting for six years trying to get the statutory change, and it hasn't gone anywhere. So why not start this constitutional process..."
By Katie Meyer

Pa. House positions overhauled statute of limitations bills for another run

"We're just trying to put together a solution."
By Tim Lambert and Katie Meyer