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Pa. Democrats say House speaker struck failed GOP votes from the record

Speaker Mike Turzai counters that he did so because of a routine parliamentary issue.

By Katie Meyer

State House moves to keep people convicted of gun crimes in jail longer

The chamber narrowly passed a measure that would require judges to issue consecutive sentences for multiple crimes involving guns.
By Katie Meyer

Despite controversial amendments, House passes justice reinvestment bills

The measures now go back to the Senate, where members will vote to concur with, or reject the amendments.
By Katie Meyer

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House adds mandatory minimums to high-profile justice reform bills

Many Democrats and some Republicans say mandatory minimum sentences are ineffective and biased against black people. The GOP committee chair says he ‘doesn’t see color.’
By Katie Meyer

Key House committee abruptly bars door to new gun control legislation

GOP Chairman Rob Kauffman says in particular, a high-profile “red flag” bill won’t be considered “so long as Chairman Kauffman is chairman.”
By Katie Meyer

Updated: September 18, 2019 | 3:19 pm

A chance of freedom? New bill could release 1,000 people sentenced to life in Pa. prisons

For more than 40 years, life sentences in Pennsylvania have only come one way: without the possibility of parole.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY

Supporters of sentencing reform say next year, they may see success

'The justice that we're asking for comes in the form of allowing the system to do what it should do, which is allow these cases to be reviewed." -- Sen. Street
By Katie Meyer