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All Russian-made alcohol removed from Pennsylvania’s Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores

The decision comes after Gov. Tom Wolf urged the PLCB to remove the items as a show of solidarity to the people of Ukraine.

By Becky Metrick/PennLive

A move to privatize all of Pennsylvania’s liquor sales draws familiar opponents

Dozens of Fine Wine and Good Spirits employees, backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers union, rallied against the move in Harrisburg Monday

By Sam Dunklau

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From glass bottles to botanicals, Pa. distillers spell out supply chain struggles

“If we would order a cap for a bottle, normally we would receive that material in two to three weeks. That [now] has been pushed out to almost three months.”

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

LCB expands access and increases order cap

Unaudited sales figures for curbside pickup last week totaled over 146-thousand orders for $10.99 million.
By Ed Arke/WITF

Pennsylvania’s state-owned wine, liquor stores to close

All state s and licensee service centers are slated to close at 9:00 tonight.
By The Associated Press

Some hoped letting groceries, mini-marts sell wine would kill Pa.’s state stores. It hasn’t

Total retail sales at the state liquor stores, at $1.872 billion for 2018-19, are up 3.1% since Gov. Tom Wolf and state House Speaker Mike Turzai famously toasted the wine privatization in 2016.
By Charles Thompson/PennLive