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Pa. court says you can’t deny cosmetology license based on ‘moral character’

Though it has been amended over the years, Pennsylvania’s cosmetology licensing law dates back to 1933.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Angler licenses in Pa. won’t be flapping in the wind under new rule

The change is expected to decrease the number of lost licenses and the cost of replacing them.
By The Associated Press

Pa. Senate unanimously passes proposal to help ex-offenders get professional licenses

The bill would require boards to review each application individually, and give applicants more chances to make their case.
By An-Li Herring/WESA

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Pa. nurses fed up with hold times, rude answers and delays dealing with state licensing board

In late 2016, Pennsylvania began rolling out a new system for its 29 licensing boards. The roll-out of that system has taken longer than anticipated.

By Sara Simon/Spotlight PA

It can be hard for Pa. convicts to get professional licenses. Some lawmakers aim to change that.

"There will no longer be this ground to just say, 'This person didn't have a good moral character. What does that even mean?"
By Katie Meyer/WITF