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Pa. produces a lot of greenhouse gases, but its Republican-led legislature isn’t acting on climate change — even as scientists say the clock is ticking

Political observers point to a few reasons why Pennsylvania doesn’t act more aggressively: Climate change often takes a backseat to other pressing issues, the discussion remains deeply partisan, and the fossil fuel industry holds a lot of influence in the natural gas-rich state.

By Rachel McDevitt

Bills to end choke holds, require use-of-force policies could get Pa. Senate vote this week

Both House and Senate committees have advanced police reform legislation since nationwide protests began
By Benjamin Pontz

Lawmakers disclose their $362 million in spending last year

The largest type of expense, by far, is payroll and benefits, which cost slightly over $299 million.

By The Associated Press

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Pennsylvania governor has $2.2M to help Democrats win seats

Gov. Tom Wolf will have at least a couple million dollars to spend in this year’s legislative elections.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

$9.50 minimum wage bill advances in Pennsylvania Legislature

A compromise package to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage for the first time since 2009 is advancing in the Legislature.

By The Associated Press

Voting reform bill heads to governor’s desk; critics say the state’s ramming through changes

Counties would get back 60 percent of election system upgrade costs under SB421.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Suit against Pennsylvania gun control ordinances to proceed

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled 7-0 Thursday that a gun owners’ group and several individuals fighting Harrisburg regulation have a standing to challenge most of the ordinances.

By The Associated Press

Report says panel, not lawmakers, should redraw districts

A commission set up by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf recommended Thursday that Pennsylvania redraw congressional and legislative districts through an 11-person appointed group that would provide a set of options that state lawmakers would choose from.

By Mark Scolforo/The Associated Press

Gerrymandering in Pa.: Why the risk is (still) real — and higher than in most other states

Pennsylvania’s current map was put in place last year by the state Supreme Court after it ruled the old map was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. But nothing’s changed about the redistricting process in the state.

By Emily Previti/PA Post