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Advocates call for postponement of test for English learners

Advocates from the Philadelphia-based Education Law Center and other groups are pushing to postpone the exam, which is administered in person, since COVID-19 numbers remain high and the disease has disproportionately impacted immigrant, Black, and Latino families.

By Alanna Elder

Top stories of 2020: Protests drive new conversation about policing and racial justice in Pennsylvania

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, people across the commonwealth organized hundreds of protests this year, many for the first time.

By Alanna Elder

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Lebanon police link arms, decline to kneel, with protesters

As mourners gathered in Minneapolis for George Floyd’s memorial Thursday, demonstrators in Lebanon spoke out against racism and police brutality on the streets of their community. The most provocative moment for many came about an hour in to the gathering and lasted just two minutes.

By Alanna Elder