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Pennsylvania needs rental assistance and eviction diversion programs, activists and lawmakers say

Experts and activists say eviction prevention measures need to expand, landlords disagree on some points.

By Anthony Orozco

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Thousands of Pa. families face potential eviction come the new year

Hundreds of thousands of families across Pennsylvania could lose their homes in January, after emergency unemployment benefits and federal eviction protections expire.

By Charlotte Keith/Spotlight PA

Senate GOP halts fixes for Pa.’s troubled rent relief program, surprising even their own

The state House unanimously passed long-awaited changes Monday, but Senate leadership refused to advance it, leaving many landlords and families on the financial brink.

By Charlotte Keith/Spotlight PA

A patchwork of eviction-related deadlines and extensions leaves renters and landlords confused

Attorneys and advocates say with the confusion of various state, local and federal orders, there can be big inconsistencies from one courtroom to another. 

By Kate Giammarise/WESA

To jumpstart relief program, Wolf gives landlords more flexibility to collect unpaid rent

Landlords will no longer be required to forgive all payments owed in return for accepting state aid, which is capped at $750, much lower than average rent in many areas.

By Charlotte Keith/Spotlight PA

Philadelphia halts evictions as coronavirus bears down

Evictions already scheduled will not move forward for half a month, and people will be allowed to stay in homes for that duration.

By Jake Blumgart/WHYY