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‘I want to be able to heal’: Kensington residents begin yet another recovery

Pastor Adan Mairena says it’s one thing after the other for Kensington residents, who have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.

By Catalina Jaramillo/WHYY

Streamline seeks fresh start on toxic Kensington soil: ‘We’re a different animal’

Block upon block of red brick rowhouses still line Kensington’s streets. Increasingly, new construction does too, and lots of it.

By Jake Blumgart/WHYY

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Economic investment, not arrests, will save Kensington from drug violence, say researchers who lived there

“We can’t just focus on the victims of violence, or just focus on people who are using drugs,” said researcher Joe Friedman. “We also have to focus on the people who are heavily incentivized to sell drugs, have very few other options, and then as part of doing that, violence is just the natural, logical thing that’s baked into the system.”

By Nina Feldman/WHYY

After shooting of 10-year-old in Philadelphia, activists call on communities, city officials to end the violence

When Semaj O’Branty was shot in the back of the head while walking home from school in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighborhood Wednesday afternoon, he became the third young person to be caught in the crossfire in as many weeks.

By Nina Feldman/WHYY

Kensington neighbors dismayed by ruling on supervised injection site

The ruling made waves across Kensington, with a mix of emotions coming from people who live in the neighborhood most directly affected by the crisis. 

By Jake Blumgart/WHYY