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New Pa. House rules sought to strengthen bipartisanship. Insiders say it didn’t work.

The state House is now passing more bills from the minority party. But insiders say the bipartisan productivity is because of a slim partisan divide, not because of new chamber rules.

By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA

Pennsylvania House speaker Joanna McClinton responds to harassment allegations against fellow Democrat Mike Zabel

The allegations are roiling an already fragile House Democratic majority, and are the first major test of McClinton’s speakership
By Sam Dunklau

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Who will lead the Pennsylvania House? Lawmakers will soon decide as power struggle continues.

As legislative leaders battle for control, Democrats and Republicans will choose a person to serve as speaker of the Pennsylvania House.
By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Pa. Republicans fight to prolong House majority and pass far-reaching constitutional amendments

Republicans could have a functional majority in the Pa. House until at least February and are considering using the advantage to pass major constitutional amendments.
By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA

A political shakeup could be in store for Pa. state lawmakers under new map proposals

Democrats could have the upper hand if proposals for state House and Senate maps hold after changes and potential court scrutiny.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY and Sam Dunklau