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Federal judge tosses Jill Stein’s effort to decertify Philly’s voting machines

2016 Green Party presidential candidate argued the ExpressVote XL machine was vulnerable to hacking and failed to comply with a 2018 legal settlement
By Benjamin Pontz/PA Post

Pennsylvania counties make year-end deadline for picking new voting systems, but still have to contend with changes to state election code

Two lawsuits also are pending over one machine picked by three jurisdictions home to about 17 percent of Pa. voters
By Emily Previti/PA Post

PA Post’s questions for the new year

Secure elections, Erie's community college dreams, criminal justice reform, and more
By Joseph Darius Jaafari/PA Post

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Suit filed in Pa. court challenges widely used electronic voting machine

The latest lawsuit claims 11 violations of Pa.’s state constitution and election code
By Emily Previti/PA Post

How Pa.’s election security lawsuit settlement led to the last minute challenge of the state’s top-selling touchscreen voting machine

Experts say the agreement doesn't give plaintiffs or the public much chance to participate in its enforcement.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Jill Stein sues to reopen election security case in Pennsylvania

Issues flagged by election security experts when the settlement was reached a year ago figure prominently in the filing to reopen the case.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Pa. starts testing new election auditing procedures

The risk-limiting audit refers to the risk that the audit would fail to detect a problem.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

New voting systems about to launch in more than half of Pennsylvania counties

The vast majority of Pa. voters will fill out ballots by hand Nov. 5; in the past, direct-recording electronic machines dominated.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Challenge to Philly voting machines could affect 2 other counties

Northampton and Cumberland counties, with nearly half a million voters between them, also selected the machine that Philly bought.
By Emily Previti/PA Post