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Doug Mastriano misses Senate vote, skips Josh Shapiro’s inauguration

“A bigger issue is he's chosen not to come in on a voting day, that he's missing votes. That's not a good trend for politics. It's not a good trend for governing."
By Robby Brod

Pa. Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro lays out transition plans and policy goals in his first post-election press appearance

For the first time in decades, an outgoing governor will be handing the executive branch reins over to a fellow party member.
By Sam Dunklau

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Midstate voters share hopes for new presidential term

Biden took the stage a few minutes before noon Wednesday for his first address as president, while people in central Pennsylvania and across the nation witnessed the moment from afar.  

By Alanna Elder/WITF and Sam Dunklau

‘This is America’s day’: Biden’s inaugural address, annotated

President Biden called for a day of “renewal and resolve” as he takes office. Read fact checks and analysis of his remarks.