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Lancaster man shares how he recovered from open heart surgery by doing a drawing a day

On The Spark Wednesday we heard the story of a Lancaster man who has a heart condition and recovered from open heart surgery by doing a drawing a day. Jerome Hershey, artist and creator of the Breath art series, and his wife, Shelley Hershey joined us to share their story in honor of American Heart Month.

By Aniya Faulcon

How advances in heart imaging can help improve diagnoses

Nuclear imaging has significantly improved the accuracy of stress tests, though there can be errors due to body shape, which can cause abnormalities on the scan and incorrectly suggest the presence of disease.

By Zoë Read/WHYY

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VA patients of color less likely to be prescribed blood thinners for a common cardiac issue, study shows

Researchers found that Black, Hispanic, and American Indian/Alaska Native patients were less likely to receive newer and more effective — and now standard-of-care — blood thinners.

By Sojourner Ahebee/WHYY