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Pa. Supreme Court to hear arguments over whether Philly can enact its own, stricter gun laws. ‘They need to save our children,’ families say

“This is a novel issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a winnable issue,” said Shaundra Kellam Lewis.
By Sammy Caiola/WHYY

Ghost gun makers are evading state and federal laws, experts say. Will Philly’s lawsuit slow them down?

Ghost gun parts are untraceable and can be purchased without background checks. Experts say slowing the supply is key to violence prevention.
By Sammy Caiola/WHYY

New survey on red flag laws, license requirements shows holes in Pa. gun legislation, advocates say

Most Americans, regardless of political party, support stronger gun laws according to a new survey. Pa. still lacks many of those policies.
By Sammy Caiola/WHYY