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Josh Shapiro’s alternative to a key climate program comes with one major catch: It needs GOP support

Can Gov. Josh Shapiro satisfy environmentalists and the GOP on climate change? With a proposed carbon cap-and-trade program, he’s trying.
By Kate Huangpu/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania’s “Parental Bill of Rights” bill is designed to quash discussions on LGBTQ issues in school

The so-called “Parental Bill of Rights,” would require classes at school to be “age appropriate” and prohibit topics on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten up to fifth grade.

By Gabriela Martínez/WITF

FRONTLINE Premiere: Lies, Politics and Democracy

First-person accounts from GOP insiders offer startling new details on how the indulgence of Trump’s authoritarian impulses and the embrace of his rhetoric strengthened his grip on the American political system and led the nation to this perilous moment.

By Christina Zeiders