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Ghost gun makers are evading state and federal laws, experts say. Will Philly’s lawsuit slow them down?

Ghost gun parts are untraceable and can be purchased without background checks. Experts say slowing the supply is key to violence prevention.
By Sammy Caiola/WHYY

Task force tracks man accused of building ghost guns in Philly

Ghost guns are known for having no serial number and are made of a polymer material.

By Tom MacDonald/WHYY

Pa.’s Josh Shapiro, 19 other state attorneys general defend new rule to regulate ‘ghost guns’

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has joined 19 other state attorneys general in supporting a Biden administration effort to tighten regulations on so-called “ghost guns.”

By Kiley Koscinski/WESA

Pennsylvania Senate moves forward a measure targeting local gun laws

The proposed bill would prohibit municipalities from enacting their own gun control laws.

By Sam Dunklau