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Is Pennsylvania prepared for hurricane season?

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is encouraging Pennsylvanians to be prepared for the summer hurricane season.

By Scott LaMar

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“Flood in the Desert” Explores the Deadly St. Francis Dam Disaster

American Experience shares a story of hubris, power and the unending quest to bring water to Southern California
By Christina Zeiders

Penn State study says Pa. could see more flooding due to climate change

WITF’s StateImpact Pennsylvania reports most communities across Pennsylvania will likely face higher flood risks by the end of the century due to climate change.

By Scott LaMar

Study: Flood risk rising across Pennsylvania as climate changes

Penn State research shows most cities and boroughs in the state are projected to face higher flood risks by the year 2099.

By Rachel McDevitt

Federal flood insurance rates changing and policy owners could feel the pinch

Changes are coming to the way flood insurance rates are determined under the Federal Flood Insurance Program, which could raise rates significantly for some policy owners.

By Merideth Bucher