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The State We’re In: What is the role of the judiciary branch of government in Pennsylvania?

There are five levels of courts in Pennsylvania, with two additional municipal or local courts in the state’s largest cities: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

By Scott LaMar

The State We’re In: Why does Pennsylvania have so many governments?

Pennsylvania has 67 counties, 959 boroughs, 1546 townships and 56 cities.

By Scott LaMar

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Updated: February 2, 2019 | 7:35 am

Groundhog Day 2019, explained

Learn about the holiday’s history, facts and why it’s such a big deal in Punxsutawney
By Ed Mahon

The State We’re In

Episode 02: How the three branches of government work together
By Scott LaMar

The regions of Pennsylvania, defined by Pennsylvanians

According to our survey, the most commonly used terms to define the regions of Pennsylvania are Central Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountains, Western Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

By Lisa Wardle

Author Jean Craighead George found inspiration in Pennsylvania’s wilderness

Newbery Award-winning author Jean Craighead George wrote more than one hundred books for children and young adults, including “Julie of the Wolves” and “My Side of the Mountain.”

By Heather Woolridge

John Updike found lifelong inspiration in Berks County

Many of his greatest works and characters took shape in Shillington.
By Heather Woolridge

The State You’re In

Episode 01: Philadelphia
By Katie Meyer