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How to beat inflation and save when back to school shopping

As students prepare for their first full year of in person learning since the start of COVID-19, the pressure to hit the school hallways with style, fit in, or simply be prepared for a successful school year, is on and is costing parents and students a pretty penny.

By Aniya Faulcon

Pennsylvania Senate plans first step to enhance public access to expense information

Following reporting by The Caucus and Spotlight PA, the Pennsylvania Senate said it will post expenses online, though it’s unclear in what format.

By Brad Bumsted/The Caucus and Sam Janesch/The Caucus

How one Pennsylvania lawmaker billed taxpayers $1.8 million in expenses

Mileage, meals, lodging, travel, and a special perk called per diems are part of the hidden costs charged to taxpayers to support Pennsylvania’s legislature.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA, Brad Bumsted/The Caucus, Sam Janesch/The Caucus and Michael Wereschagin/The Caucus

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During height of coronavirus pandemic, Pa. lawmakers still cashed in big on meals, lodging

A Spotlight PA analysis of legislative records found lawmakers requested and received $726,877 from the beginning of March — as the pandemic emerged — through the end of 2020 as reimbursement for lodging and meals while traveling to and from the Capitol or other meetings across the state.

By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA