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The Allegheny Front

Weekly environment reporting
By Fred Vigeant

A Year to Change the World

Travel with the world’s best-known climate activist as she takes her fight to a global stage. With unique access, the series follows Greta over an extraordinary year as she embarks on a mission to ensure world leaders work to limit global warming.

By Fred Vigeant

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Earth Day on WITF Radio

By Fred Vigeant

The Age of Nature

With the current pandemic exposing the fragility and vulnerability of humankind, the balance of nature and our relationship with it is more important than ever. Narrated by Uma Thurman, The Age of Nature premieres Wednesdays beginning October 14 at 10:00pm and continuing to October 28. 

By Fred Vigeant

Troubled Waters: A Turtle’s Tale

A critical look at the effects of global warming, water pollution and our “throw-away” plastic lifestyle on this keystone species…and inevitably ourselves.

By Fred Vigeant