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SCOTUS EPA ruling a set-back for climate regulations, but Pennsylvania retains power to set limits, lawyers say

Pennsylvania has its own law governing air pollution that gives the state Department of Environmental Protection authority.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

Wolf Administration advances proposed emission limits on thousands of oil and gas sites

A proposed regulation would require better monitoring and control of emissions at existing oil and gas wells and related sites.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania

GOP senators concerned about emissions capping program, skeptical about climate change

“When the price of gas goes up, if effects more rural Pennsylvanians because we don’t have the luxury of walking outside and catching a bus or train,” said Sen. Kim Ward.

By Kathleen Davis/WESA

Penn State study finds average household throws away 30 percent of food it buys

Penn State researchers determined the average home spends more than $1,800 per year on food that’s never eaten.

By Rachel McDevitt/StateImpact Pennsylvania