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Pa. lawmakers hear challenges to electric grid reliability; experts call for clear policy

Experts say there are short- and long-term issues policy makers need to be aware of when trying to secure the electric grid.

By Rachel McDevitt

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Are there ways to save money after electric rate hikes?

Electricity prices increased for most Pennsylvania utilities from 6% to 45% in June

By Scott LaMar

Consumer advocates in Pennsylvania caution against switching electric suppliers as utilities raise rates

Prices are up because of the rising costs of natural gas, which generates about half of the state’s electricity.

By Susan Phillips

Updated: September 25, 2021 | 1:26 pm

Pa. community’s fight against electric lines shows tensions coming with push toward a clean energy future

To achieve a carbon-free electricity sector, the country would need to more than double the power infrastructure it has now in the next decade.

By Rachel McDevitt

Report: Pa. keeps place as top electricity exporter, sends record amount of power in 2020

A new report from the state’s Independent Fiscal Office shows Pennsylvania sent more than 79 million megawatt hours of electricity to other states in 2020.

By Rachel McDevitt

Will RGGI affect your electric bill? It could, but the state could also mitigate impacts

The Wolf Administration projects a small increase in wholesale electricity prices over the first few years in the program, then a decrease. While some may feel the change, many people probably won’t even notice.

By Rachel McDevitt