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Counties finish second audit of primary results before state certification

Primary results remain unofficial until audits, protests and certification are completed
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Pa. Senate GOP committee head is non-committal about continuing a 2020 election probe

A state court just cleared the Senate’s Intergovernmental Operations committee to press on with its nearly two-year long investigation.
By Sam Dunklau

Pennsylvania’s risk-limiting election audit, explained.

Pennsylvania is one of 15 states that is checking midterm election results using that style of audit.
By Sam Dunklau

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A private company examined 2020 ballots, hard drives from 2 Pa. counties

One of those counties asked that company, Speckin Forensics, for a review. It’s the latest development in a years-long effort to discredit Pennsylvania's result.
By Sam Dunklau

Updated: 2022-01-10 17:45:00

Pa. Court won’t block entire 2020 election investigation subpoena

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court declined to block an entire subpoena as part of Republican state lawmakers forensic investigation into the 2020 election.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

County, state must agree on voting system inspection rules

A Commonwealth Court judge said Tuesday that Fulton County must first work out an agreement with the state.

By The Associated Press

Privacy and Trump dominate arguments in GOP’s election case

The separation of powers, the privacy of voters and what former President Donald Trump wants were raised in a Pennsylvania courtroom as Democrats seek to block a subpoena to state election officials in what Republicans call a “forensic investigation” of last year’s presidential election.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

AG Shapiro moves to block GOP effort to subpoena election records

The AG countered, in a court filing, that results have been audited twice already

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Pennsylvania Democrats sue over GOP election ‘investigation’

Democrats in Pennsylvania’s state Senate are suing to block a Senate Republican-approved subpoena seeking voter information

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press