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Rise Up: Songs of the Women’s Movement

Celebrate the centennial of women’s right to vote through the soundtrack of the women’s movement
By Fred Vigeant

Birth of the Cool

Discover the man behind the legend with never-before-seen footage, rare photos and new interviews.
By Fred Vigeant

Dreams of Hope

The story of a historic concert in Alabama
By Fred Vigeant

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The Fight on American Experience

Learn the stories of two extraordinary boxers: Max Schmeling of Germany and American Joe Louis.
By Fred Vigeant

Battling Opioids Part IV

WITF joins our public media colleagues across the commonwealth for Battling Opioids, a project of Pennsylvania Public Media.

By Fred Vigeant

Bombing Auschwitz

Consider the ultimate dilemma. Would an Allied attack on Auschwitz have stopped future atrocities?
By Fred Vigeant

American Experience: McCarthy

Chronicle the rise and fall of Joseph McCarthy, the Wisconsin Senator
By Fred Vigeant

Country Music Weekly Replay

Explore the history of a uniquely American art form: country music.
By Fred Vigeant

College Behind Bars

Meet the incarcerated men and women enrolled in one of America's most rigorous college programs
By Fred Vigeant