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The Latino Experience

Explore Latino/a/x identity in the contemporary U.S. through a variety of short films.

By Fred Vigeant

Updated: June 2, 2021 | 12:20 pm

DOJ settles with Hazleton police over language barrier

Under the settlement, the police department will update its operating procedures to require “appropriate language assistance” to people who don’t speak English.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

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A stark racial divide on vaccinations leaves many at risk as Pa. reopens

As the state eases distancing and mask mandates, health officials are still failing to successfully vaccinate communities that have been disadvantaged from the start.

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA

‘We can no longer make excuses’: Pa. Democrats gather feedback on racism in schools

The conversation comes in the wake of the national reckoning around racial injustice, which heightened advocacy for many public policies including creating more culturally competent schools and increasing the diversity of teachers.

By Emily Rizzo/WHYY

Philadelphia’s Latino doctors form a collective to boost lagging community vaccination rates

While Black Philadelphians are underrepresented among those already vaccinated in Philadelphia, Latinos are being vaccinated at an even slower rate: Latinos make up 15% of Philadelphians, but less than 6% of those already vaccinated.

By Nina Feldman/WHYY

After a year of pandemic sacrifices, the faithful make one more for Lent

Even though the past year of the coronavirus pandemic has caused many to sacrifice a lot already, observant Christians will still live a little leaner in observance of Lent.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY