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Immigrant detention center in Berks County will close

For more than a decade, the center had been one of three places where U.S. immigration enforcement would detain families with children.

By Staff and Gabriela Martínez/WITF

Berks County to detain asylum-seeking immigrant women for feds

Berks Commissioners faced opposition for their choice to detain asylum seekers but said they have to act in the best interest for the county, not a small group of outspoken people.

By Anthony Orozco

Judge advances lawsuit against Berks County over plans for immigrant detention center

Civic groups and community members say the county should have shared more information and allowed public comment on plans for the Berks Family Residential Center.

By Anthony Orozco

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Updated: 2021-03-04 12:30:00

Immigrant families released, future of Pa. detention center remains unclear

After families are released to sponsors, local and federal officials are not sharing details about what happens next to the county-owned facility.

By Anthony Orozco

Lawsuit: ICE family detention in Pa. is a ‘tinderbox’ due to COVID-19

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court on behalf of 56 immigrant families held in detention centers in Pennsylvania and Texas, alleging they are “recklessly exposing” children and their parents to the coronavirus.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Two Democratic Pa. congresswomen make surprise visit to Berks’ immigrant detention facility

They say conditions are mostly adequate, but that 'a golden cage is still a cage'
By Katie Meyer/WITF

Warning of danger to children, psychologists urge Wolf to close detention center

Wolf maintains he cannot prove in court that families at the Berks Family Residential Center are in immediate danger. A group of academics says they are.
By Katie Meyer/WITF