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Why is there a shortage of lifeguards this summer?

there is a shortage of lifeguards

By Scott LaMar

Pa. state parks see need to accommodate increased number of visitors

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has set goals to accommodate more visitors to state parks.

By Scott LaMar

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Invasive plants and an overpopulation of deer are decimating Pennsylvania’s forests

The threat to Pennsylvania’s forests might not be what you think.

By Merideth Bucher

Fall foliage forecast and looking toward the Winter season

This is the time of year that leaf peepers have waited for; fall colors exploding across the countryside. 

By Merideth Bucher

Forest fires rage across the western US, how vulnerable is Pennsylvania to fire risk?

Wildfire smoke is so extensive it has created hazy sky conditions as far east as New York State.

By Merideth Bucher

Citizen group is set to begin reviewing State Police use-of-force and racial bias incidents

The formation of three committees within the still-new Citizen Advisory Commission comes more than a year after Gov. Tom Wolf pledged to use them to “promote transparency, fairness, and accountability” among state law enforcement.

By Sam Dunklau