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On the fence: Teachers, excited to get back in the classroom, remain concerned about coronavirus risks

With fluid guidelines in place, educators say they want to return to school but they remain concerned that a return to brick-and-mortar schools poses significant and unavoidable health risks.

By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

Midstate county implements co-responder law enforcement model

“We live in a country that the largest provider of mental health services are our county jails, which is absolutely unacceptable.”
By Julia Agos

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Is your county planning to move to ‘yellow’ on its own? Here’s the latest

We breakdown the issue in eight counties and the latest developments.
By Ed Mahon

Two central Pa. counties say they plan to reopen ahead of Gov. Wolf’s schedule

Until now, no counties had so directly challenged Wolf’s authority to close businesses and limit public life during the emergency.

By Charles Thompson/PennLive

Midstate volunteers keep Meals on Wheels rolling during pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis is limiting the valuable social connection that volunteers make with clients.  

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: March 17, 2020 | 9:20 pm

Government, religious organizations across the midstate respond to COVID-19 concerns

In addition to government buildings and businesses temporarily shutting down, some religious organizations are also suspending operations.

By Rachel McDevitt

What does the future of farming in Pennsylvania look like? Who and where are the big questions

Agriculture accounts for 18 percent of the state’s economy, but it faces serious challenges.

By Rachel McDevitt