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WITF Music: The Jess Zimmerman Band

Jess talks about her deep association with farming, family, music and mental health.

By Joe Ulrich

Dolly Parton & Friends: 50 Years at the Opry

Join the eight-time Grammy Award-winning country music superstar and special guests for a musical tribute

By Fred Vigeant

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Country Music Marathon

Explore the history of a uniquely American art form
By Fred Vigeant

WITF Music: Jeff Mamett

Connecting country music’s history to the present.

By Joe Ulrich

Country Music in Pennsylvania

Explore Pennsylvania’s contribution to country music from the songs of the coal miners to today’s country artists from our region.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Al Shade

Al Shade and his wife Jean built their life around country music as radio hosts and performers. Today, Al carries on their passion for traditional country music.

By Joe Ulrich

Ken Burns Country Music

By Fred Vigeant