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Pa. will hire 100 coronavirus contact tracers to replace 1,000. Experts say it’s not enough.

The rapid spread of the delta variant, a slowing vaccination rate, and fewer mitigation efforts in place make contact tracing even more critical.

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania defends new, no-bid deal for contact tracing

Health Department officials said they had to move fast to get a new company in place to perform contact tracing in time for the beginning of the school year.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

Pa. requested $340 million in emergency contracts in 2020 with little oversight

Pennsylvania agencies turned to the emergency procurement process that avoids public scrutiny 483 times last year. In years prior, they made on average 135 requests annually.

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA

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After contact tracing data breach, Pa. sidesteps scrutiny on proposed $34M contract

State lawmakers are calling into question whether the Department of Health should be jumping into another, more expensive contact tracing contract after a severe data breach with the last company.

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA

Personal data from Pa. contact tracing calls still online despite assurances it had been secured

A spreadsheet of data was still online as of Wednesday, raising questions about whether the company, Insight Global, or the state can be confident they know where all the information might be stored.

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA

Updated: 2021-05-20 15:49:35

Pennsylvania terminating vendor that mishandled virus data

The state had planned to drop Insight Global once its contract expires at the end of the July, but the Health Department said it will instead terminate the contract early, on June 19.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press

Updated: 2021-05-03 21:13:00

GOP: Wolf should fire vendor that mishandled virus data

GOP leaders on Monday also called for state and federal probes into the Atlanta-based contractor’s mishandling of the data, and what they said was the slow response by the Wolf administration.

By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press