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Steelers’ new headgear will protect their noggins during off-season training

The Pittsburgh Steelers are using new equipment that could significantly reduce concussions.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

NFL, players agree to end ‘race-norming’ in $1B settlement

The Black retirees will now have the chance to have their tests rescored or, in some cases, seek a new round of cognitive testing.

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

NFL judge: Lawyers for Black players can join mediation

The lawyers have challenged the settlement’s use of “race-norming” in dementia testing since 2018.

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

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Lawyers battle over ‘race-norming’ in NFL dementia tests

They argue that Black men are being denied awards that average more than $500,000 because of testing methods that assume Black people have lower cognitive function than white people.

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

Judge tosses suit over ‘race-norming’ in NFL dementia tests

The judge instead ordered the NFL and the lead lawyer in the overall $1 billion settlement to resolve the issue through mediation. That process would appear to exclude the Black players who sued.

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

Lawyers: NFL concussion awards discriminate against Blacks

“The use of a deliberate, explicit, racial a blatant violation of the law."
By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

High school football injuries can have lifelong consequences. For many families in Pennsylvania, the sport is worth the risk

Nationwide, high school participation in tackle football has fallen more than 10 percent since 2009. Pennsylvania is one of three states that bucked that trend.

By Brett Sholtis

Steelers QB Mason Rudolph remains in concussion protocol

Rudolph was knocked unconscious on illegal hit by Baltimore safety Earl Thomas.
By Tim Lambert/WITF

Group flags concussion risks among students and young athletes

About half of children and teenagers with concussions requiring help from a state program were injured while playing sports.
By Brett Sholtis