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Changing Planet Returns to Monitor Changes in Earth’s Most Vulnerable Ecosystems

Changing Planet revisits six of our planet’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

By Christina Zeiders

“The Letter: A Message for our Earth”

Pope Francis wrote Laudato Si’ in 2015, and the letter sparked controversy and praise as he stressed how the effects of the climate crisis disproportionately affect the poor and disenfranchised.

By Christina Zeiders

Pittsburgh International Airport is going green to clean the air

An air purifier, containing more than 100 gallons of algae that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis has been installed at Pittsburgh International Airport.

By An-Li Herring/WESA

NOVA Examines New Climate Technologies that Aim to Cool the Planet

As wildfires rage and extreme weather sparks civil unrest, it’s clear that emission reductions alone may not prevent the dire effects of climate change. NOVA joins the scientists and engineers who are approaching climate change with new solutions that may help us cool the planet.

By Christina Zeiders

“Changing Planet” Monitors Climate Change Over Time

From the Arctic to the Amazon, vulnerable habitats are changing, revealing surprising animal behaviors as species adapt.

By Christina Zeiders