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Court ruling allows covering to remain over Columbus statue in Philadelphia

The Commonwealth Court ruling vacated a decision by a Common Pleas Court judge to allow immediate removal of the box covering the statue on Marconi Plaza.

By The Associated Press

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Judge rules Columbus statue in Philadelphia can remain

Common Pleas Court Judge Paula Patrick said last year’s decision to remove the statue from Marconi Plaza was unsupported by law and based on insufficient evidence.

By The Associated Press

Italian Americans sue over Columbus holiday name change in Philadelphia

Many Italian Americans have embraced the 15th century explorer — once hailed as the discoverer of America — as a cultural hero, but not all agree. 

By The Associated Press

Pittsburgh’s Columbus statue wrapped in plastic; mayor recommends removal

Mayor Bill Peduto said the work “can be better displayed in a private location that places Columbus, his memory and his history in different context.”

By The Associated Press

Commission votes to remove Columbus statue, but its fate remains uncertain

Pittsburgh’s Art Commission voted unanimously today to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus that has stood in Schenley Park for generations.

By Bill O'Driscoll/WESA

Who has final say on public art? Debate continues prior to hearing on Pittsburgh’s Columbus statue

Calls to remove Pittsburgh’s Columbus statue date at least to the 1990s.

By Bill O'Driscoll/WESA

Art commission to discuss fate of Pittsburgh’s Columbus statue

More than a dozen U.S. cities have recently unseated their own statues honoring the Genovese explorer. Protesters have pulled down many more.

By Bill O'Driscoll/WESA